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Meagre Company by Frans Hals and Pieter Codde If you book a Kukullus tour in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for the coming weeks, be prepared for a few unusual treats. Not only will a special guest of honour be explained to you, Lucas van Leyden 's Last Judgment, a huge altar piece, which is currently on loan in the Gallery of Honour - one of the highlights of Renaissance painting in the Netherlands.


For a while, you will also be able to witness how very specialized research is being conducted on a group portrait by Frans Hals and Pieter Codde. The "Meager Company" is scrutinized carefully: A high-tech X-ray machine scans every millimetre of the painting. This will hopefully enable the experts to find out how exactly this painting was created by the hands of two quite different artists of the 17th century.


You can get the best panoramic view of Utrecht from one of the least beautiful building complexes. Many think the cathedral tower to be the ideal place for the best view on the city. However, from here you have the disadvantage that you can't see Utrecht's most prominent sight itself when you are standing right on top of it.

Utrecht panoramic view

For the most beautiful panorama of the city, go to the East side of the shopping mall Hoog Catharijne, located between the main train station (Utrecht Centraal Station) and the historic centre of Utrecht. Before these structures were built here, this was the area of the Western city limits with the city gate Catharijnepoort and the detested Vredenburg castle from where the former Spanish rulers tried to control the city and its surroundings. From 1963 onwards, a huge shopping centre was erected here. For its construction, several houses dating back to the Middle Ages had to bite the dust and were demolished, among them  also the well-known Art Nouveau building of the insurance company De Utrecht. Currently (2013) the whole area around Hoog Catharijne is under (re)construction. 

Siegen, Oberes Schloss (Upper Castle)Visitors of Siegen in Westphalia- or the neighbouring Sauerland - may not miss a visit to the Siegerlandmuseum. The museum is located in the old castle on top of the hill called Siegberg, the Oberes Schloss or Upper castle. For centuries, this was the home of the counts of Nassau and Nassau-Siegen, in later periods only of the catholic branch of the family. In 1888, the building was acquired by the city council . They turned it into a regional museum that opened its doors in 1905. The Siegerlandmuseum regularly shows temporary exhibitions, most recently in summer 2012 an exhibition titled "Gestochen scharf" of masterpieces in print from the late middle ages and early renaissance up to the 20st century.

Siegerlandmuseum, room of Johann Moritz (John Maurice) of Nassau-Siegen.Also its permanent exhibition is very much worth while. The Siegerlandmuseum's presentation among others focusses on the region's relation with the dynasties of the houses of Nassau-Oranje and Nassau-Siegen and related families. You can find portraits of the offspring of William of Orange, called The Silent, like the children's portraits of his daughters, and a series of portraits of the daughters of Frederik Hendrik of Orange. And not to forget Johann Moritz (John Maurice) of Nassau-Siegen, famous as governour of the Dutch colony in Brazil and still quite honoured in Siegen and surroundings. The museum dedicates a while room to him.