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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam with tulips in the parkA unique treasure chamber of the Netherlands, the Rijksmusem in Amsterdam. A place to stroll around for hours, to explore fascinating masterpieces and to make intriguing discoveries, every time you go there. Especially since the spectacular building and its fine collection were reopened in full glory again in april 2013. 

Dutch Italianate landscape paintings Rijksmuseum You can probably get the best insights into the selection of artworks on display during an interesting and pleasant guided museum tour, leading you through beautiful museum rooms full of highlights - with works by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Frans Hals and many other masters of painting, sculpture and graphic arts.  

In addition to a guided tour along highlights of the collection of Dutch art, also consider a tour on a special subject or a tailor made private tour.  

Click here for guided museum tours in the Rijksmuseum




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