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Johannes Vermeer, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, MauritshuisA treasure chamber full of masterpieces of Dutch and Flemish painting. This museum tour in the Mauritshuis in The Hague will show you the special highlights of one of the country's most exquisite art collections and explain to you the backgrounds in an easily accessible way. 

The collection of paintings of the Mauritshuis contains top-class works of Netherlandish (Dutch and Flemish) art of the 16th and 17th centuries and some excellent renaissance paintings. Among the highlights, there are masterpieces by Johannes Vermeer, Peter Paul Rubens, Jan Steen, Gerard Dou, Gabriel Metsu and Frans van Mieris. Vermeer's "View of Delft" and his "Girl with the pearl earring", that made it to international fame, can be admired in the renovated venerable museum galleries, as well as Rembrandt's "Anatomy lesson of  Dr. Tulp" and the popular Bull by Paulus Potter. Also the Golden Room with Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini's 18th century paintings is a real eye-catcher. 

Among the Flemish masters, works by Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Brueghel I. stand out, like "The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man", painted by both of them together, as do genre paintings by Andriaen Brouwer and David Teniers, an "Adoration of the Shepherds" by Jacob Jordaens and the fabulous 'kunstkamer' painting by Willem van Haecht, showing "Apelles Painting Campaspe".

Mauritshuis Facade at the side of the (new) main entranceSecrets of first class paintings at the Mauritshuis disclosed during a museum tour 

World famous art works, that sometimes contain surprising secrets - you can best explore them during a private museum tour. Why did Carel Fabritius, who was killed in a tragic accident, paint a seemingly unremarkable goldfinch that later became famous in world literature? How was Doctor Nicolas Tulp's anatomy lesson conducted and what is wrong in the way Rembrandt painted it? What made the brilliant portrait painter Frans Hals choose the natural laugh of an ingenuous boy as the sole subject of a painting? Why does the wooden panel of Rubens' "Old Woman and Boy with Candles" appear so uneven and why is the red cabbage in Joachim Beuckelaer's "Kitchen Scene with Christ at Emmaus" not red or purple at all? 

Find out about this and more and stimulate your art experience in one of the Netherlands' most important museums. Get enchanted by detailed still lifes, landscapes ready for your eyes to extensively stroll around, impressive portraits of fellow human beings from past ages, wittily encrypted genre paintings of seemingly everyday scenes of the 17th century and more. 

Fabritius The Goldfinch, Puttertje Mauritshuis

Apart from works of art like these and others from the so called Golden Age of Dutch painting, there are also first class renaissance paintings to be admired, like Saint Mary by Lucas Cranach the Elder, portraits by Jan Gossaert and Hans Memling or Hans Holbein the Younger's unbelievably accurate effigy of the falconer Robert Cheseman. 

Since a recent renovation 2012-2014, the Mauritshuis has gained a new wing, called the Royal Dutch Shell Wing, where special exhibitions are shown. The museum rooms in the main building, the actual Mauritshuis, shine in their new old splendor and present masterpieces from the museum's collection. The former city palace of John Maurice of Nassau Siegen, designed by Jacob van Campen, is regarded as one of the most important examples of classicist architecture in Holland. Since 1822, it serves as accommodation for a high class collection of paintings that goes back to the belongings of stadholder William V (Willem V). He had already granted public acces to his art collection in his gallery at the Buitenhof in The Hague in 1774. Today, the „Galerij Prins Willem V" on this location, also belonging to the Mauritshuis museum, simulates the stadholder's original art gallery. 

Bring a visit to this precious jewel among the Dutch museums and enhance your pleasure in art with a guided museum tour by an expert. 

See this page for prices and group sizes for guided tours in the Mauritshuis Museum. 

Just get in contact for a personal offer and to agree a time and date for your museum tour

All agreements for guided tours in the Mauritshuis are subject to the Mauritshuis' approval of an external guided tour on the booked date and time. Preferably request your Kukullus museum tour at least 3 weeks before your planned visit to the Mauritshuis.


Mauritshuis Rubens Brueghel Paradise Original Sin



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