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Vincent van Gogh, Self Portrait with bandaged ear (detail), 1889, Courtauld Gallery, LondonVincent van Gogh, a troubled soul, artistically, medically and personally. Searching tirelessly - for a vocation, for improvement of his art, for recognition and togetherness. A late bloomer who became a genius. Who was this passionate painter and draughtsman, who is known to everybody and whose expressive work has touched millions? How did he work and what made him tick?

In the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam with its largest collection of paintings and drawings by Vincent van Gogh worldwide, we follow the traces of one of the greatest masters of western art. This guided tour elucidates his artistic career, from the beginnings in the Netherlands to the ardent works Van Gogh created in France and to his still somewhat mysterious death in Auvers. 

Find more information on guided tours in the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam here, and book your personal museum guide.




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