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Vincent van Gogh, Self Portrait with bandaged ear (detail), 1889, Courtauld Gallery, LondonVincent van Gogh, a troubled soul, artistically, medically and personally. Searching tirelessly - for a vocation, for improvement of his art, for recognition and togetherness. A late bloomer who became a genius. Who was this passionate painter and draughtsman, who is known to everybody and whose expressive work has touched millions? How did he work and what made him tick?

In the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam with its largest collection of paintings and drawings by Vincent van Gogh worldwide, we follow the traces of one of the greatest masters of western art. This guided tour elucidates his artistic career, from the beginnings in the Netherlands to the ardent works Van Gogh created in France and to his still somewhat mysterious death in Auvers. 

Find more information on guided tours in the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam here, and book your personal museum guide.




Mauritshuis 1575 mediumHigh quality paintings of a special kind in the Mauritshuis in The Hague. A guided museum tour will show you the extraordinary treasures of the collection, among them Johannes Vermeer's world famous 'Girl with the Pearl Earring' and his 'View of Delft' and unparalleled masterpieces by Rubens, Rembrandt and many of their contemporary Dutch and Flemish painters. The paintings on display in the Mauritshuis belong to the very finest Holland has to offer, and a private tour provides you with the insights into the background of art of the Renaissance and Baroque that you need to enhance your personal enjoyments of the fine artworks you will find yourself face to face here. 

The Mauritshuis allows you to experience these works of art of the Golden Age and before in a building that belongs to the most refined examples of Dutch classicist architecture, the former city palace of John Maurice of Nassau Siegen. This manor is an architectural jewel of its own and has recently been thoroughly renovated and enlarged with a new wing for exhibitions and other museum facilities.

More about the guided museum tours in the Mauritshuis in The Hague here.



Rijksmuseum Amsterdam with tulips in the parkA unique treasure chamber of the Netherlands, the Rijksmusem in Amsterdam. A place to stroll around for hours, to explore fascinating masterpieces and to make intriguing discoveries, every time you go there. Especially since the spectacular building and its fine collection were reopened in full glory again in april 2013. 

Dutch Italianate landscape paintings Rijksmuseum You can probably get the best insights into the selection of artworks on display during an interesting and pleasant guided museum tour, leading you through beautiful museum rooms full of highlights - with works by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Frans Hals and many other masters of painting, sculpture and graphic arts.  

In addition to a guided tour along highlights of the collection of Dutch art, also consider a tour on a special subject or a tailor made private tour.  

Click here for guided museum tours in the Rijksmuseum




Centraal Museum Utrecht, Room with Utrecht Caravaggists. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Utrecht brought forth some extraordinary talents in painting. Many of these painters acquired international fame and their works still today are among the most renowned items of Dutch painting in collections spreading all over the world. The Centraal Museum offers an overview of the art production of the city of Utrecht and is an especially  suitable place for visitors who want to get to know art and culture of this charming city.  

Art of Utrecht's Golden Age 

With the painter Jan van Scorel, the art of the renaissance entered Utrecht. Some Utrecht artists of the generation following Van Scorel, like Wtewael and Abraham Bloemaert, belong to the most famous representatives of mannerist painting, a style that knew an especially flourishing period in Utrecht. Important artist from Utrecht were influenced by Caravaggism, a style that can be considered spectacular today as back then. 

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