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Meagre Company by Frans Hals and Pieter Codde If you book a Kukullus tour in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for the coming weeks, be prepared for a few unusual treats. Not only will a special guest of honour be explained to you, Lucas van Leyden 's Last Judgment, a huge altar piece, which is currently on loan in the Gallery of Honour - one of the highlights of Renaissance painting in the Netherlands.


For a while, you will also be able to witness how very specialized research is being conducted on a group portrait by Frans Hals and Pieter Codde. The "Meager Company" is scrutinized carefully: A high-tech X-ray machine scans every millimetre of the painting. This will hopefully enable the experts to find out how exactly this painting was created by the hands of two quite different artists of the 17th century.


Jean-Étienne Liotard, 'Dutch girl at breakfast', Rijksmuseum AmsterdamAnd you will make the acquaintance of this lovely girl sitting at a table, pouring coffee, painted in the 18th century by the Swiss-French painter Liotard. What gives this painting the right to be hanging in the Rijksmuseum' Gallery of Honour - otherwise is reserved for the Dutch masters of the Golden Age? You will of course also learn about it during this guided museum tour.

All these three paintings will only temporarily be on view in the Gallery of Honour of the Rijksmuseum. So grab your chance now, get in contact and book your guided tour in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam soon. 



Gallery of Honour, Rijksmuseum



Lucas van Leyden Last Judgement 

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