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Sculptures in the Park of the Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Henry Moore, Large Two FormsIn April this year, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam opened its doors to its newly renovated exhibition rooms. And now in June, another large exhibition area was gained outside of the museum. The garden around the Rijksmuseum building has been re-styled and furnished with a selection of sculptures by Henry Moore. Moore is a British sculptor, especially known for the round, organic forms of his works. For a large part of his oeuvre, the reclining figure is an important motif. The exhibition with Henry Moore's work in the garden of the Rijksmuseum represents the first in a forthcoming series of exhibitions of the Dutch national museum, which will continue making the park a stage for different sculpture shows every summer. 

Beauty in 3D and for free 

Oval with Points, Henry Moore, 1968-70, detailThe newly refurbished and replanted garden of the Rijksmuseum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and can be visited for free. The responsible party for rearranging these green spaces was the company Copijn Tuin- en Landschapsarchitecten, a leading landscape architecture company in the Netherlands. For the new design of the park, they drew their inspiration from the original plans by Rijksmuseum architect Pierre Cuypers. Of course the green scenery still has to grow, but already now it offers the alluring possibility to experience Henry Moore's works in all around aspects. After all its three-dimensionality is one important characteristic in which sculpture differs from painting. In weatherproof clothing, the exhibition also is suitable for rainy days, when rain drops supply the sculptures' surfaces with special characteristics. And it is a varied supplement to a visit of the highlights of Netherlandish art in the Rijksmuseum. 

The exhibition with 12 loans was made possible in cooperation with the Henry Moore Foundation and is on display until September 29th, 2013. 
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 July 2nd, 2013


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