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In the context of measures to prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading further, Kukullus guided tours curently can only take place on a limited range.

Guided city tours are only possible in Utrecht and Delft at this moment. A guided museum tour can only be offered for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

For these, special rules apply that are intended to prevent spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19) and not to put participants and other people around us at risk: 

Rules to pay attention to before the tour begins:

• A maximum of 10 persons can participate on a guided tour in the Rijksmuseum, also depending upon the question, how many participants belong to the same household.   
A maximum of 8 persons can participate on a city tour. 

• Anyone who has symptoms typical of COVID-19 before the start of the tour - such as fever or elevated temperature, cold symptoms, cough, sudden loss of the sense of taste or smell - will not take part in the tour. 

• Anyone who has tested positive for the coronavirus and has not yet recovered will not take part in the tour. 
• Anyone living in the same household with a person who is ill of the coronavirus or has tested positive for the coronavirus will not take part in the tour. 
• Anyone who was ill with COVID-19 and whose last observed symptoms occurred less than 48 hours ago will not take part in the tour. 
You will be asked questions about this again before the start of the tour. 


Rules during the tour:

• At all times, a distance of at least 1.5 metres is kept to all other participants, to the guide and to all other people around us. And let's be careful: 1.5 metres is more than we often think. 
• Each participant and the guide wears a mouth-nose protection in an appropriate manner (i.e. over mouth AND nose), if this is prescribed or advised by national, regional and/or local authorities and/or an establishment to be visited (e.g. a museum or church or similar).
• We don't shake hands.  
• If necessary, coughs and sneezes are made into the inside of one's own elbow.  
• If necessary, the nose is blown in a paper handkerchief. This handkerchief is immediately thrown into a waste bin or (if this is not available) put away in another way so that it does not present a risk of contamination to others. 
• These rules also apply to the guide.  
• Do not touch any objects that the guide may show in order to explain something. 

• Additional instructions by the guide during the tour must be followed. 

• Participants who do not comply with these rules run the risk of being excluded from the tour. 

• Depending on local conditions, it may happen that a previously planned route of the tour is being changed spontaneously. This to avoid crowded places with too many visitors and not to endanger the observance of the minimum distance of 1.5 metres. 

The person ordering the tour or the contact person known to Kukullus will inform all participants of these rules to be observed.  

Kukullus reserves the right to cancel a guided tour if the guide feels unable to undertake the tour, as well as in the case of changed guidelines of the responsible (government) institutions and of unexpected situations that would make the realisation of the tour impossible or disproportionately difficult.  


All this sounds strict and unpleasant, but by observing these rules we can hopefully enjoy a nice cultural experience and at the same time be kind to the people around us. 



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