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The 'Oudegracht', the old canal in the centre of UtrechtUtrecht in the very heart of the Netherlands has many different facets. With romantic canals, old mansions and town houses, street cafés, many churches and former monasteries, nice little shops and boutiques and unusual museums. The vibrant city with the cathedral tower (Domtoren), the highest church tower in the Netherlands, as its main eye catcher, can look back on a long history, leading back to (at least) the Romans. Utrecht's long cultural history knows peaks as a medieval episcopal diocese and during the 17th century, the so-called Golden Age, and has many treasures to offer until today. 

Sightseeing in a boomtown of the middle ages

The two main canals crossing the old center from North to South are the busy Old Canal (Oudegracht) and the more quiet New Canal (Nieuwegracht). There is much to discover along these canals and in the streets branching off them, hidden tranquil corners as well as highlights of every sightseeing tour in Utrecht. Explore charming Utrecht with Kukullus as your local guide and get to know a multifaceted city on a tour crisscross through the city center. 

Utrecht cathedral tower (Domtoren), a main sight of the city and landmark of UtrechtAlready the Romans settled here at the limes in a fortress called Traiectum. This is the spot where the city of Utrecht originated. Here you can still find Utrecht's cathedral and - as the city's impressive landmark - the cathedral tower, the famous Domtoren. In its neighborhood, you can marvel some of the main sights of Utrecht, like the beautiful cloisters called Pandhof, the house of the only popeso far that ever came from the Netherlands, Pope Adrian VI., the Utrecht cross of churches, the time-honoured parish church Buurkerk, the unique cellars of the wharves (werfkelders) along the old canal, remarkable buildings and city castles like castle Oudaen or the house called "Krakeling" (pretzel). All of these nicely settled between the canals and bridges of the city. 

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