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Hidden treasures in Utrecht - a city tour

Abraham-Dolesteeg Utrecht Hidden corners and true little treasures that you don't find described in every guide book. For example a piece of city history yet to be discovered in a covert backyard, an alienated clandestine church, an art nouveau facade that is easily overlooked, an almost forgotten former monastery, a remarkable excavation site, a hidden architectural detail, a special sundial or other jewels in Utrecht. A city walk for people who want to get to know Utrecht better. Sightseeing in Utrecht in a different way. 


During this tour, we walk a bit outside of the paths that are usually paved for visitors of Utrecht. You wil see some side streets you may otherwise ignore, courtyards not visible on first sight and we find our way through narrow alleys dating back to the the Middle Ages, that still can be found in Utrecht.

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Also longer walks or combined arrangements are possible on request.



Cloister of former Saint Mary's church (Mariakerk) in Utrecht



 Saint Jacob's guest house (Jacobsgasthuis) Utrecht 0059 medium



Cloister with knot of stone, Dom Utrecht



Mariahoek or Mary's corner in Utrecht


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