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Schwanenturm (swan tower) Kleve Cleves Enjoy charming Cleves at the Lower Rhine on a city tour

A cultural walking tour through the charming town of Kleve, right behind the Dutch-German border, popular as a shopping destination for many Dutch visitors.
But Kleve has more to offer.

The roots of the long history of the County, later Duchy of Cleves lie in the Schwanenburg (Swan Castle) of the Middle Ages, which is still a captivating sight in the centre of Kleve. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Kleve became an important spa. Internationally renowned artists like Govaert Flink and Joseph Beuys were born or raised here.

The tour leads you along different places that mark important periods in Kleve's history, from deep down in the middle ages to more recent events when Word War II affected the people and monuments of Cleves. Some places refer to the close relation that Cleve has always had with the Netherlands. Other remains from a rich past are hidden in streets that can easily be overlooked. 


Walking tour to the sights of Cleves

Stiftskirche Kleve - Burial monuments for the counts and dukes of Cleves You will be surprised how much there is to see. For example interesting churches full of treasures, hidden historical ground and monuments large and small. Hear more about the counts and dukes of Cleves, about the famous Johann Moritz of Nassau-Siegen and his meaning for the town, about the painter Barend Cornelis Koekkoek, famous for his detailed romantic landscape paintings, about the omnipresent swan and what else there is to tell about the city.

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Inner courtyard of the Schwanenburg or Swan Castle in Kleve (Cleves)
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Think of combining your city tour with a visit to the Schwanenturm (Swan Castle), to the Museum Haus Koekkoek or the beautiful gardens of the Tiergarten (animal park) and the Museum Kurhaus Kleve.

Looking for a guided tour elsewhere in the Lower Rhine region? For example in Düsseldorf? Just ask and let Kukullus know your wishes.







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