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Zuiderkerk ("Southern Church"), Groenburgwal AmsterdamThis interesting city tour in the historic center of Amsterdam leads you along unique locations of Amsterdam's rich past. We discover the city's every-day of the past - in a metropolis that was booming already centuries ago. We walk through small alleys, calm and peaceful courtyards and of course along some of the picturesque Amsterdam canals. Stories, history and anecdotes lurk everywhere!

The Old Church Oudekerk  is Amsterdam's oldest church building and can be considered the city's living room of the past. The lively Dam Square used to be populated by merchants from all parts of the world. New purposes were assigned to the numerous monasteries after the reformation, and they served as mental asylum, prison or as headquarters for the Dutch East India Company (VOC). To this company, Amsterdam owes much of its prosperity in the 17th century. In the middle of all this urban hustle and bustle, we can also find silent places like the beautiful Beguinage (Begijnhof), a retreat for catholic single women. 

Amsterdam: walk along the most interesting and beautiful sights 


Begijnhof (Beguinage) Amsterdam People gained mastery over the omnipresent water and built city walls and gates. The inhabitants of Amsterdam took care of their elderly and the sick and punished villains and culprits. In the Golden Age, the proud city of Amsterdam erected a monument for their own glory,  the awe-inspiring Town Hall (now Royal Palace) on the Dam Square. A generation before already, the city had started a major expansion project: the digging of many kilometers of canals of the famous and unique ring of canals. Both of these sights are world famous today. Wealthy merchants built themselves impressive canal houses, that sometimes resemble huge palaces. The more simple folk as craftsmen often lived in different neighborhoods, like the (now) charming Jordaan. 


Experience old Amsterdam "from the inside" and discover spots and sights where the tour boat does not take you during this varied walking city tour.  

Amsterdam City Hall, today Royal Palace on the Dam Square

Date and time by appointment. 
Group size: 1 to 15 persons.

Duration: c. 1.5 hours 
Price: € 155,00 per group  

Duration: c. 2 hours 
Price: € 200,00 per group 

Questions, preferences, information and booking through the contact form here.

Also longer walks or combined arrangements are possible on request.


Amsterdam hoek Prinsengracht-Reguliersgracht


Oude Kerk ("old church") Amsterdam




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