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Kukullus is the 'child' of Claudia Schipper. She studied art history in Germany and has been living in the Netherlands for many years. Here she also achieved her doctoral degree. Subject of her thesis were the Five Senses in European art in the 16th and 17th centuries. She can draw from a wide range of experience in Europe's art history and is very interested in and curious about history and culture.

The masterly brushstrookes of Rembrandt and Van Gogh can delight her just as much as modern architecture, old pottery or the colourful pigments used by artists to create their masterpieces. Among others, Claudia Schipper has written articles for an encyclopedia on artists of the Düsseldorf school of painting, she helped with the preparations to an exhibition on painted glass („Gemalte Gläser") in Düsseldorf and with the organisation of the Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University 1999. Among her latest external projects you find the 2011 exhibitions "Uit de gemeentelijke Schatkamers" (From the municipal treasure chambers) and "Stichtse Vecht in buitenbeeld" (Outdoor sculpture in the community of Stichtse Vecht) in Museum Maarssen (which meanwhile is called Vechtstreekmuseum), as well as an exhibition on the industrial heritage of the Vecht region. 

With Claudia Schipper's long-time experience in the Netherlands, she has become a specialist in Dutch-German intercultural aspects. Claudia considers herself as an ambassador between two neighbours and she puts herself to making German visitors enjoy the cultural riches of the smaller country next door, as well as introducing Dutch visitors to Germany's cultural legacy. And much broader than that - she wants you and all other nationalities to join in and experience the exiting world of art, history and cultural heritage and wants to help you see how much there is out there, waiting to be enjoyed. 

Kukullus organises guided tours in museums and city walks in Germany and the Netherlands, accompanied by an enthusiastic guide who is just as thrilled about the treasures and peculiarities on display as she wishes you to be. For example in beautiful Amsterdam, in charming Utrecht or the enchanting region along the river Vecht, just between these two cities. Or in booming and multi-faceted Düsseldorf on the Rhine or the smaller town of Kleve (Cleves) at the Lower Rhine. 

Kukullus also offers workshops in art history and works on commission according to your individual needs, when it comes to texts, translations, advice or research. With a workshop on art history of the Dutch Golden Age, you get introduced to the rich culture of the Netherlands in the 17th century, an era that has put a mark on the country which can still be detected today. Also coming in handy when you plan to do business in the Netherlands, a first step to understand Dutch people. But Claudia not only likes to narrate and instruct. She also finds pleasure in writing and conducts the research necessary for it. 


Claudia Schipper"Preferably, I show you what I find beautiful, special or spectacular myself and along with this, a personal touch is hard to avoid. When you return home with new insights and with a reaction as "this I would not have expected" and when you take with you beautiful memories of what you have seen, heard and experienced - then I consider my mission successful."

Claudia Schipper speaks English, German and Dutch and is looking forward to get in contact with you.


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